This Is The Way Westfalia Miniatures Tease A Loot Crate

February 10, 2020 by avernos

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So Kawe over at Westfalia Miniatures has announced that they are planning a loot crate for fans of fantasy RPGs.

We will be doing a RPG mystery box at Westfalia, and we will throw all the funky stuff in there that's really cool but not shop-proof. This will be starting June/July, and we're planning to send one out every 3-4 months, depending on how much demand there is for that sort of thing.

They're still working out what will be going into the Darkest Crate but they do know at least one thing that is going to be in it, a wandering mercenary who has stumbled across a package to protect sculpted by the magnificent Boris Woloszyn

Mercenary and baby

As you can see he's got a Tiefling child and he's not afraid to use it, I mean he has a crossbow and he's not afraid... you get the idea. The sculpt captures the feel of a well armed and armoured merc who isn't about to put the baby down at anyone's command without a fight. I love the mix of plate, chain and leather, giving you that Mando feel in a fantasy setting. The scalloping on the helmet is reminiscent of a 15th century sallet, which is a favourite style of mine so I adore that. If tieflings are something you would leave on a hillside then there is another option.

Mercenary and elf baby

Boris is still working on options, an alternative sword arm is on the way. If you started swearing when you seen the phrase loot crate then fear not, for the Darkest Warrior will be available separately and can be ordered right now if you feel like adding a mercenary to your pile of pride for painting.

Show me the baby!

"As you can see he's got a Tiefling child and he's not afraid to use it"

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