Thor Brings The Hammer Down For FFG’s Marvel Champions

December 6, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off what comes as part of the new Hero Pack for Thor which will be dropping in the first half of 2020 for Marvel Champions. Find out if you are worthy to wield Mjolnir and protect the realm of Asgard!

Thor Hero Pack - FFG

As you might imagine, as a veritable god, Thor comes with a whole host of awesome abilities at his command and is aligned to the Aggression sphere. With fourteen hit points he can stand up against most foes and his Odinson alter-ego means that he can immediately summon Mjolnir to his hand so that he might use it in battle.

Thor Hero Pack Spread - FFG

Some of his cool abilities include Hammer Throw (very iconic) which allows him to do a massive eight points of damage to his opponents, smashing through minions using the overkill rule so that it can take down the villain of each scenario too. He is also really into getting stuck in with his "Have At Thee" rule which means that you'll be drawing through your deck quickly.

He is also fighting in battle alongside some new allies with the likes of Hercules and Valkyrie by his side. Of course, there is also the fiendish Loki in the mix. He has a rather fun and very 'Loki' power where when he would be defeated you reveal cards from the villain deck and if it's a treachery he simply heals all his wounds! I'm sure that he will also come with a lot of cards which play around with you in-game.

Finally, his obligation card is also very well themed where Odin himself wades in and takes Mjolnir from Thor if he is displeased! As with the other heroes so far you will also be able to get your hands on a mat featuring Thor.

Thor Game Mat - FFG

There is a lot of fun stuff to get stuck into with the Thor Hero Pack and there are lots of goodies on the horizon too. There will be Hero Pack releases all the way through to June next year with a big Story Pack adding in a new campaign for you to explore later on.

What do you make of Thor?

"There is a lot of fun stuff to get stuck into with the Thor Hero Pack and there are lots of goodies on the horizon too..."

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