Time To Gather The MERCS For A New Recon Mission

February 26, 2014 by brennon

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The folks behind MERCS and Myth have been discussing the change to Megacon Games and with that a new Kickstarter from within the world of MERCS called Recon. Check out the teasers below...


First up is this pair of box shots showing these duel sets where two teams look to be going at it. The one on the left shows the CCC and the yet-to-be-released EU. On the right we have the Kemvar versus the Sefadu.

Recon in Action #1

Recon in Action #2

As you can see it looks like Megacon have got MERCS fever and will be creating some interesting scenario based gameplay for your MERCS models as well as making them available as two teams for playing the full game that we absolutely love.

I have been loving the look of the EU ever since we first saw the concept art and one possibility is that these could end up being plastic miniatures!

The community has been discussing this over on the forums here so go and join in!

What do you think?

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