Tramways: Dystopian Expansions Is Out Of This World!

April 14, 2019 by cassn

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The Earth as you know it today no longer exists! Dominated by machines, the remaining humans have only two solutions: Stay on Earth and be enslaved OR flee to new horizons: the Moon and Mars. 

Tramways: Dystopian Expansions is the long-awaited addition to the original award-winning Tramways board game. In Tramways, players aim to build the best transport system for the fledgling 1920s town of Small City.


Now, in Tramways: The Moon and Tramways: Mars, players must create their complex transport system under new interplanetary challenges! Manage night and day on the moon, and deal with new, difficult Martian travelers. Build the best travel system to win the game!


Tramways: Dystopian Expansions is a nice addition to the base game which adds a few interesting mechanics and challenges to the original format.


Furthermore, this Kickstarter is also a great chance for those who didn't purchase the game the first time around to get the whole set. Travel over to the campaign page for further information.

Have you played Tramways yet?

"New interplanetary challenges!"

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