Fantasy Travel Show Destination Fantastic On Kickstarter Now

July 16, 2019 by brennon

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Satine Phoenix and Stefan Pokorny (Dwarven Forge) are on Kickstarter right now looking to fund their Fantasy Travel Show called Destination Fantastic.

Destination Fantastic Kickstarter

The Kickstarter is focused on Satine and Stefan travelling around the world, going to locations and lands which inspired storytellers, artists and more to tell the fantastical tales which influence the world we play in today. They have filmed their pilot which took them to Iceland but they are looking to head to places like England, New Zealand and beyond with their series, telling us stories and inspiring us as they visit these fantastical places.

Here are the various pledge levels that you can get stuck into when supporting the project.

Destination Fantastic Pledge Levels

I kinda wish that I'd come up with this idea! I'd love to travel the world talking about fantasy landscapes! You can get involved in various ways with numerous awards including special Dwarven Forge terrain pieces, artwork, D&D sessions with the stars and even some miniatures too.

Make sure to give their trailer a look above and maybe consider backing if you like the idea.

Where would you travel as part of the show?

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