Face Ultron In Marvel: Crisis Protocol’s First Ultimate Encounter

December 19, 2019 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has released their first Ultimate Encounter for Marvel: Crisis Protocol which pits two players against one controlling a mighty nemesis. In this case, they've looked to the Core Box and have the heroes and villains teaming up to take down Ultron, Master Of Metal.

Ultron Raid - Atomic Mass Games

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In this encounter, which you can download HERE your team are going up against the deadly Ultron who is trying to activate his Doomsday Device. You will need to rescue civilians and complete objectives whilst trying to Daze him in an effort to break down his firmware. The mad machine is going into the fight here on his lonesome, ready to smash apart all comers, be they mighty villains of daring heroes.

Watch Atomic Mass Games Playing The Scenario Here

The idea of these two-versus-one scenarios sounds very cool to me and I like that the first one has been done using the Core Box so those who get it over the Christmas period have something else to play with it beyond just regular games. Also, as well as the rules for playing out this scenario (including a new card to print off for Ultron) you'll also find the rules for how to play these Ultimate Encounters as a whole.

One of the cool things they are looking to do is including Minions for the Cosmic Threat to use. For example, someone might have mind-controlled Hulk in one scenario. I am interested to see if this can be tweaked a little bit to be run as a solo and/or cooperative endeavour too. I like the idea of two players just going up against Ultron and then switching who controls him between them to play out his actions.

Of course, this isn't really the point of the scenario but it's always fun to tinker with the games you get to the tabletop. I wonder if Atomic Mass are going to work on some minions which aren't quite as heroic or villainous; SHIELD Agents, Hyrda Soldiers and the like?

What do you think of the new scenario?

"What do you think of the new scenario?"

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