Undead Raiders Take To The Highways Of ArcWorlde Soon

August 6, 2019 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures are moving towards the 2nd Edition of their ArcWorlde miniatures game and that means new models! A practically complete Starter Set was shown off last week for the Undead Raiders and they are looking typically awesome.

Undead Raider Warband - Warploque Miniatures

The miniatures are looking very characterful once again. The leader of the band, the Harbinger, is very cool and I love that the little details start to tell a story. He was clearly a criminal who was hanged and is now out for revenge. His comrades in arms look like a deadly bunch too, especially the chap with that cruel spiked club.

It seems cool that the warband also includes a horde of rats! You could imagine this scurrying horde surging across the tabletop to nip at your heels whilst the rest of the Undead get stuck in whilst you're distracted.

Could you see yourself playing as the undead when 2nd Edition launches?

"He was clearly a criminal who was hanged and is now out for revenge..."

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