Unreleased Miniatures’ Dwarves Quest To Reclaim Their Home

April 15, 2020 by brennon

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Unreleased Miniatures has been teasing their next set of releases which has a distinctly Dwarven theme to it. I was obviously very interested and I have to say, their Dwarven Reclaimers are looking very cool indeed!

Dwarven Reclaimers #1 - Unreleased Miniatures

Having lost their ancestral home to some great evil (maybe a dragon?) they are now on the road once more to reclaim it and slay whatever has taken up roost within it! Whilst some of these Reclaimers were warriors in a past life, many of them have left behind comfortable lives as merchants and tinkerers and now take up the axe once more to face a deadly foe.

You can also check out some alternative options from this collection painted by KZM Painting & Miniatures as they look rather nice indeed!

Dwarven Reclaimers #2 - Unreleased Miniatures

My only complaint is that some of their hand axes look a little small with blades which seem more suited to cutting up meat than taking down an Orc or two! Other than that though, this is a nice set of models with a few accessory options that would do well for a Tolkienesque adventure on the tabletop.

Follow The Leader

They also have a grim and resolute leader which was also teased by Unreleased this week.

Dwarven Reclaimer Leader #1 - Unreleased Miniatures

With the stoic look of a tried and tested warrior, this fellow is going to be leading your fellow Reclaimers as they head through mysterious lands in search of what is rightfully theirs. It seems proper to say that there are some similarities in the designs to other more official Middle-earth ranges so make of that what you will. But, they would make a good fit for that existing set of offerings, especially if you prefer the more classic style which was moved away from in The Hobbit range.

Dwarven Reclaimer Leader #2 - Unreleased Miniatures

If you want more characters and soldiers in this style then Unreleased Miniatures has quite the extensive range for you to check out HERE.

Will you be snapping these up and adding them into a growing Fantasy army?

"Will you be snapping these up and adding them into a growing Fantasy army?"

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