Check Out US & Spanish Releases For Warlord Games’ Black Seas

November 11, 2019 by brennon

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A mass of new releases are coming your way for Warlord Games' Black Seas as the Spanish and US start to get involved in the conflict on the high seas. Some big new sets alongside some classic ships should give you quite the array of options for the game as it grows.

US Navy Fleet - Black Seas

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We start with the two big fleets which you can pick up for the game. Above you can see the US Navy from the period which comes with a number of key options plus the new Gunboats which we'll be looking at later. You also have the option to pick up a Spanish Navy Fleet too.

Spanish Navy Fleet - Black Seas

As you might imagine, the US was spending a lot of their time battling against the British off the coast of America in a lot of different sorties but the Spanish were also active on that side of the Atlantic, especially around the Carribean and South America. Their navy found itself with a little bit of a spotty record over the period but they did come with some seriously heavily armed ships which were to be feared.

Mighty Vessels

As well as the options to pick up entire fleets you can also snap up some named ships too from the period like the Santisima Trinidad...

Santisima Trinidad - Black Seas

...and the HMS Royal Sovereign. We've talked a little about the Santisima Trinidad (see our news story HERE) but the HMS Sovereign had quite the defining role in the Battle Of Trafalgar.

HMS Royal Sovereign - Black Seas

She was under the command of Admiral Collingwood and was a fearsome ship with an utterly deadly broadside. After duelling the Santa Ana during the battle, losing its main masts and such during the conflict but otherwise coming out on top, it was then towed by the HMS Euryalus and still participated in the battle with its port broadsides. So, even though it was hobbled it still kept fighting!

Gunboats & Land Ho!

On the smaller side of things we also have some options for those building larger Black Seas fleets. The first expansion set is for a set of Gunboats.

Gunboat Squadron - Black Seas

Talk about gnats on the back of an elephant; these little ships could be blasted out of the water easily enough but they were low in the water and with enough tactical nuance could deal some serious damage to larger ships. These ships were speedier and easier to manoeuvre and so they could bring their 32-pounder cannon to bear much easier, popping holes in the hull of mighty ships and causing water to flood the lower decks. Make sure you don't let these near you!

Additionally, the team at Warlord Games has now released a Scenery Pack to help add some colour to your ocean-bound battlefields.

Scenery Pack - Black Seas

As well as rocky outcrops where your ships can run aground you also have some nice colour for scenarios and such like the tower, lighthouse, wrecked ship and gun emplacements which could be arrayed alongside a coastline to help deter attackers.

It's nice to see some little terrain accessories like this so we can play out games nearer to the coast. It also means your players need to think more about movement in the game!

What do you think of these new releases from Warlord Games?

"It's nice to see some little terrain accessories like this so we can play out games nearer to the coast..."

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