Vanquish Foes With Raging Heroes’ New All-Star Sisters

July 2, 2019 by brennon

Raging Heroes are keeping things rolling for their Sisters Of Eternal Mercy as they introduce two new sets into the mix for this Sci-Fi fighting force. The Vanquisher All-Stars are on the warpath this time around led by their Command Group.

Vanquisher All Stars Command - Raging Heroes

Each of these ladies can be picked up separately if you prefer but this set here collects together each of the leader characters, armed with all sorts of wicked looking weapons. I like that each of them has their attitude wrought onto their faces and you can tell what they're like in battle from their stances too.

I think my favourite has to be Vangelia on the far left, leaping into the fray with gun and flail in hand, ready to crush some heretics. With Sisters Of Battle still a very hot topic for many Sci-Fi wargamers the Raging Hero line is a pretty good place to get your fix.

As well as the Command element above, Raging Heroes has also put together a Troop Set.

Vanquisher All Stars Troops - Raging Heroes

Again, all of these characters can be picked up individually but this would make for a good squad to use on the tabletop. I like that you could also use any of these characters as the leader for squads, making a real statement with each of them.

Whilst it would be great to use these in a full-on battle I think that they'd be very well suited to some games of Kill Team if your opponent would allow it.

Have you had a look at any of the Raging Heroes miniatures yourself?

"I think that they'd be very well suited to some games of Kill Team..."

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