Victrix Miniatures Hit The Mark With New Dacian Archer

June 12, 2019 by cassn

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Victrix Limited have revealed the first render of their new Dacian archer miniatures. Dacians were ancient inhabitants of the cultural region of Dacia, near the Carpathian Mountains and west of the Black Sea.

Dacia was home to vast gold mines and wealth. After several tense battles and incursions, the Romans finally defeated their Dacian neighbours in 105AD, and celebrated by throwing the most expensive and longest ludi (festival) in Roman history with the spoils of war.


However, this Dacian archer is not giving up without a fight! Victrix Limited have included multiple arm options so he can be drawing an arrow or ready in firing pose against the Roman forces.

While this brave warrior is currently on his own, Victrix Limited have promised more images of other archers will be released in the coming weeks. Until then, you can get a closer look at this Dacian archer on Facebook.

Which pose do you like best on this model? Tell us below!

"This Dacian archer is not giving up without a fight!"

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