V&V Miniatures Showcase Final Pagan Rus Miniature Set

April 18, 2019 by cassn

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V&V Miniatures have released the last set of their 'Pagan Rus' themed warriors, suitable for SAGA and other wargames.

Pagan Rus Throwy Spear Peoeple

This is the seventh set in the V&V Miniatures Pagan Rus series, and these Slavic spearmen are ready for action. The Pagan Rus series has produced some really diverse and dynamic miniatures, and this last set is no exception!

If you want to add the Pagan Rus 7th Set to your tabletop game, head on over to their website now to recruit them into your ranks!

What do you think about the Pagan Rus releases from V&V Miniatures?

"Really diverse and dynamic miniatures!"

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