War On The Tracks With New TT Combat Release

January 16, 2019 by cassn

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TT Combat have released a new set of MDF trains for use with 28-35mm wargames. The model kits, made from a mix of MDF and Greyboard, are easy to put together and come unpainted.


I have mixed feelings about these trains. Despite arguments about affordability, versatility, and durability, I'm just not the biggest fan of MDF models. However, I do find myself returning to look again at the Supply Train set.


I like the detailing on the panels, they have a space-age circuit board design which really appeals to me. I also really like the detailing on the actual tracks - it's simple but effective.


The War Train also has a really good militaristic design, especially when you see it with the Resin Weapon Platforms attached (sold separately).


However, I don't like the door or wheel design on either model, and I think they're more pronounced on the War Train which is probably why I prefer the Supply set.

If you're interested in your Commanders riding the rails, you can get the War Train and the Supply Train from the TT Combat website.

How do you feel about MDF model kits?

"A really good militaristic design!"

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