Wargames Atlantic Fire Up Pre-Orders & Questions For The Future

March 3, 2020 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic last week fired up pre-orders for two more of their Historical kits. You are now able to dive in and get your hands on two new plastic kits ahead of a release in late March. First up we have the Dark Age Irish.

Dark Age Irish Warriors - Wargames Atlantic

So, this set gives you a range of awesome looking troops to throw into the mix during your Dark Age (and admittedly Medieval) battles. You get all manner of awesome bits and bobs in this kit to make a selection of really nice looking plastic figures which could be used as part of a warband or in a larger army.

As well as the thirty warriors you also get yourself ten war dogs who can help to hunt down those nefarious foes that try and escape your clutches. I really like that you get that little something different in the set which suits the theme.

Afghan Warriors

As well as the models above you can now also get your hands on a set of Afghan Warriors from a very different time period.

Afghan Warriors - Wargames Atlantic

This selection of warriors, armed with rifles, swords, shields and more, are meant for use in the 1800 and 1900 periods but you could also use them as far back as the 1700s if you were prepared to tinker with them a little bit. They come as a dynamic set once again, packed full of action poses which are perfect for skirmish games. Also, there are another forty of them to pick up here so you are not lacking for support!

Looking Ahead

As well as these two new plastic kits which are in line for later this month we also got a peek at their survey where they began asking what we'd like to see next. As Gerry pointed out to me, they have been looking at making miniatures for all sorts of different periods that don't normally get covered.

Maybe you'd like some 1904-1905 Russians v Japanese or Maori v British from the 1860s? Perhaps you fancy the Merovingian Franks v Sub-Romans or the Spanish Conquistadores v Aztecs? There are lots of options they have put on the tabletop and you can have a say in the process.

What would you like to see them do next?

"Maybe you'd like some 1904-1905 Russians v Japanese or Maori v British from the 1860s?"

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