Wargames Atlantic’s Einherjar Head To The Death Fields Soon

July 13, 2020 by brennon

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Wargames Atlantic has been showing off more previews for their next Sci-Fi Death Fields release, the mighty Einherjar. This band of bearded soldiers have been painted up by the hand of Matthew Leahy and give you an idea of what options you'll get in the kit.

Einherjar Single Miniature - Wargames Atlantic.jpg

Einherjar Single Miniature // Wargames Atlantic

These fellows come from a high-gravity world which has given them a shorter-than-average stature. This does make them rather awesome for using as Space Dwarves in your games, be they from the grimdark future or something more agnostic. I think the designs are great here and showcase a fun set which mixes together a bit of Nordic flare with locked and loaded Sci-Fi goodness.

Here we have a bigger squad of the Einherjar who are armed with all manner of special weapons which they have dragged from their armoury.

Einherjar Squad - Wargames Atlantic.jpg

Einherjar Squad // Wargames Atlantic

These are looking like they could be a lot of fun to tinker with, playing around with different schemes for the various clans and then getting them set up for both close combat and ranged devastation. The beards are the element of all Dwarf models which has to "pop-off" in order to make them work and I think that Wargames Atlantic has done a good job here.

It seems like they have good options for mirroring grimdark forces but you could easily use these across all manner of different games. I think these chaps would be great as stand-in Space Wolves or Astra Militarum, either would work nicely.

Here you can also see how these miniatures stand next to other 28mm figures from the larger Death Fields range...

Einherjar Scale Comparison - Wargames Atlantic.jpg

Einherjar Scale Comparison // Wargames Atlantic

It is going to be hard to not dive in and pick up these miniatures! Even if I didn't actually end up doing anything with them other than painting up the unit, I think you could have a lot of fun. I like the idea of using them as a fully agnostic force which could work across all manner of games. You could do what a lot of people have been doing in the Fantasy genre basically!

What do you make of the Einherjar? 

"It is going to be hard to not dive in and pick up these miniatures!"

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