Warlord’s Block Wars Heat Up With New Citi-Def Pre-Orders

April 4, 2023 by brennon

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Warlord Games have expanded their Judge Dredd collection with all manner of new 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures. The Citi-Def are on high alert and the various gangs have called in some heavies to help them with the increased presence of law enforcement. It's all going to be kicking off!

Citi-Def Specialists - Judge Dredd

Citi-Def Specialists // Judge Dredd

Leading the way is a band of specialists that have been called up to fight. For most of the citizens of Mega-City One, these Citi-Def Specialists are no more than action hero wannabes who have picked up the flashiest guns in the armoury and are "playing soldier". This means that you have all manner of different "specialists" to choose from including leader figures, medics and those "trained" with heavy weapons.

As well as the specialists, you can also dive in and take a peek at the Citi-Def Jaeger Squad!

Citi-Def Jaeger Squad - Judge Dredd

Citi-Def Jaeger Squad // Judge Dredd

The Jaeger Squad is a set of full-time Citi-Def soldiers who will be sent in to protect blocks from all manner of different foes. They are trained in infiltration and disrupting communications, meaning they can get up close and personal with their enemies and take them down with special weapons like the ones you see above. A crack-hit squad!

Going up against the Citi-Def, there is a band of criminals looking to sow some anarchy.

Block Gang Champions & Heavies - Judge Dredd

Block Gang Champions & Heavies // Judge Dredd

This set comes with a band of Block Gang Champions & Heavies that you can use to enforce your unique brand of law on the streets of Mega-City One. These gangs take care of their own and would gladly let the rest of the city rot. As you can see, they are armed with some serious firepower including a rocket launcher and machine gun. I wouldn't trust that little one with the daggers though as she looks like she enjoys backstabbing people!

Lastly, at least when it comes to the on-foot options available as part of these pre-orders, you've got the Robodog Pack.

Robodog Pack - Judge Dredd

Robodog Pack // Judge Dredd

Concerned citizens, gangers and maybe even members of law enforcement might want to get their hands on a Robodog to protect them on the mean streets of Mega-City One. They can be modified if you have the skills and their metal jaws are perfect for chomping down on muggers that might threaten you.

Heavy Support

As well as the boots on the ground, rushing through Mega-City One, the Citi-Def can also call on some heavier support too. For example, you can run with a Sonic Cannon or a Spit Cannon which seem to be equally deadly.

Citi-Def Sonic Cannon Emplacement - Judge Dredd

Citi-Def Sonic Cannon Emplacement // Judge Dredd

Citi-Def Spit Cannon Emplacement - Judge Dredd

Citi-Def Spit Cannon Emplacement // Judge Dredd

The Sonic Cannon is great at dispersing crowds and incapacitating them with ultrasonic waves. Things might start to also leak out of places that you weren't particularly aware of! It's best not to dwell on what that might be.

Similarly, there is also the Spit Cannon which does what it says on the tin. It fires an absurd amount of rounds which is more than enough to get rid of the most determined crowd of gangers and rioters. A deadly weapon that you'd probably want to rob from the Citi-Def and turn on them!

The Judges might also find themselves embroiled in these large Block Wars raging across the city. When that's the case, you might want to call in the Justice Department Pat Wagon.

Justice Department Pat Wagon - Judge Dredd

Justice Department Pat Wagon // Judge Dredd

This Pat Wagon can suppress pretty much whatever gets in its way. Armed to the teeth and armoured to withstand all but the most deadly weapons, this is going to be able to lock down and secure entire portions of the city as defeated gangers and get bundled into the back, never to be seen again.

All of these miniatures are made using the new Warlord Resin and come with all of the bits and pieces that you need to use in your games. It's an awesome collection of miniatures that provides you with a host of alternative options for building up your Judge Dredd painting pile.

Will you be picking these up?

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