Hit The Streets With More Of Warlord’s Judge Dredd Vehicle Kits

April 1, 2020 by brennon

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Warlord Games has added two new vehicle kits into the works for those delving into the world of 2000AD and Judge Dredd. These vehicles are more than just decoration and terrain and can actually be used in-game. We start with a peek at the Sportster!

Judge Dredd Sportster - Warlord Games

In the far future, there is still call for vehicles with wheels on them rather than just relying on the advent of anti-gravity technology!

"Anti‐Gravity technology is common in the 22nd century and has revolutionised transportation allowing vehicles to ‘skim’ or fly for short distances. Not all citizens of the Mega-City have subscribed to this reinvention of mass transportation and continue to employ the zany yesteryear practices of sticking wheels on their cars and sticking to the ground."

I think this looks rather funky indeed and would make a great piece of terrain to hide behind when gangs of miscreants are trying to gun you down. With the right modifications, it might also make for a good way for your gang to get around too, perhaps with one of them leaning out of the window firing wildly?

Moving from the flashy to the chunky we also have the Utility Truck which, if you've seen any crime movies, could be used to ramraid a building so you can steal what's inside!

Judge Dredd Utility Truck - Warlord Games

This kit even comes with a bunch of advertising stickers which you can plaster to the side. Even in the far future, people still get suckered in by that! This is a big vehicle which can hold eight passengers and perhaps give you more options when moving around the streets of Mega-City One.

"Although Grav technology is prevalent throughout Mega-City one, there nevertheless still exists the need to have some wheels on the ground, such is the vastness of the megalopolis.

Such vehicles can prove an impromptu tool in the heat of battle. Though relatively slow in comparison to some of the transports in Mega-City One, the utility truck provides some safety to its passengers as they manoeuvre into the thickest of the fighting (or flee, if they’ve got any sense!)."

Stick a few gang markings along the side of this and you're set to play around with a looted vehicle which will cause all manner of problems for the Judges!

Are you tempted to add these into your collection?

"Stick a few gang markings along the side of this and you're set to play around with a looted vehicle..."

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