Warploque Finish Their Ourks & Plan Out 2021 For ArcWorlde

January 22, 2021 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures have laid out the groundwork for 2021 and what you've got to look forward to if you're an ArcWorlde wargamer! We start though with a peek at the finished Ourk Warband which is going to be coming soon.

Ourk Starter Warband - ArcWorlde

Ourk Starter Warband // ArcWorlde

This shows the fully sculpted and fully painted Ourk Starter Warband which is going to be releasing down the line. It comes with the wild and goofy Dreameater that we've seen in previous previews alongside a bunch of funky Boglins who are looking to serve their master to the best of their ability!

You've got a bunch of fun Boglins here who I bet would be excellent to paint using slings, daggers and even a banjo. There is also a faithful assistant who has the Dreameater's staff and that surly looking Ourk at the top who is clearly there to make sure everyone is kept in line.

Warploque's Roadmap For 2021

As well as the Ourks, we also have a bunch of fun releases coming down the pipeline for ArcWorlde and Warploque Miniatures in general.

Road Map - Warploque Miniatures

Roadmap // Warploque Miniatures

The first big thing is the fact that you'll be able to pick up the printed versions of many of the STL files that Warploque have been working on in February. After that, we're seeing the release of the Ourks and then Blood & Magic which drops in August. November brings us Dungeons & Dumplings which sounds exceptionally fun and whimsical.

I am fascinated by the secret project which is dropped into the midst of everything there for June. A new game and line of miniatures perhaps?

Are you going to be learning more about ArcWorlde in 2021?

"I am fascinated by the secret project which is dropped into the midst of everything there for June..."

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