Wave 2 Announced for Sulphur by Terragnosis

July 8, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Terragnosis has announced that their second wave is now available for there post-apocalyptic game Sulphur. In this wave, they have a new hero in a character named, Og. He looks big and mean with a huge gun and what looks like a door(?) for a shield.


There is also an up-armoured dune buggy and quad-runners available for some mobile combat action.

Sulphur vehicles

They have also created a new heavy assault squad they have named the Marauders.

Sulphur squad

The miniatures look pretty good with some nice detail. I think these would look good in several different game systems with that post-apocalyptic background.

Does your end of the world faction need some re-enforcement?

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