Web Exclusive Model & New Corvettes For Dropfleet Commander

March 21, 2017 by brennon

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With a new website being launched Hawk Wargames has now released a bunch of new Corvettes on their webstore and an exclusive miniature which you will be able to get up until April 21st, 2017. Let's take a look...

UCM Saratoga Class Light Cruiser

Leading the way we have the aforementioned exclusive miniature, the UCM Saratoga Class Light Cruiser.

"The Saratoga is an experimental development of the New Cairo class Light Cruiser with a focus on efficiency, incorporating the very latest systems. While the New Cairo inherits many core attributes from the older Rio class (itself several decades old), the Saratoga features an entirely new prow and amidships superstructure, conceived from the ground up."

They even came up with a reason in the background for why this ship is made in such limited numbers...

"Unfortunately for the Admiralty, the Saratoga's were built exclusively at the FSI (Ferrous Shipping Industries) yards over the planet Ferrum which were entirely destroyed during the Scourge onslaught in late 2671."

It will be available on the webstore up until April 21st, then at Salute. From that point on it will only pop up at selected shows so if you really do want this Cruiser you should snap it up.

Corvettes A'Comin'

As well as the Light Cruiser they also showed off four new Corvettes for the factions in Dropfleet Commander. We have the UCM Santiago Class Corvette...

Santiago Class Corvette

...the Scourge Hunter-Killer  Nickar Class Corvette, and PHR Echo Class Corvette.

Nickar Class Hunter-Killer

Echo Class Corvette

...and finally the Shaltari Cloudfliers Glass Class.

Glass Class Cloudflier

Each of them looks exceptionally sleek and well designed, ready to be a lethal device in your armada as it drifts forward to engage the enemy. I particularly like the design of the Santiago Class Corvette which has the look of a futuristic fighter, similar to the design of some of the ships in the Destiny video game.

So, with so many new ships to choose from what are you going to be picking up?

"They even came up with a reason in the background for why this ship is made in such limited numbers..."

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