Where is the Weekender?

March 22, 2014 by warzan

Plague has crept into the team this week, and at @dignity has fell at its feet. Not ones to leave a man behind, we opted not to record the Weekender this week, (we didn't have much choice really) and instead myself and @lloyd got to work on the studio to get the last (and largest) set, up and running.

However we have filmed an (about) hour long VLOG for backstage, that will go out on Sunday Morning. It includes a studio tour, and a host of topics, including 40K, Scales and Proportions, Malifaux and Wild West Exodus, and how we store all the video content etc.

It is basically a big long XLBS... but different!

In place of the weekender (on Saturday), we're running a contest to WIN Signed Artwork for Dropzone Commander! So watch out for that!

Thanks guys, and if your a shaman of some sort... best get in touch!

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