Westfalia Tease Plans For 3D Printer Friendly Halflings Project

March 18, 2020 by brennon

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Westfalia Miniatures has been showing off some early renders of a new band of Halflings which might be coming to Kickstarter soon. See what you make of these furry-footed fellows!

Halfling 3D Render #1 - Westfalia

This selection of 3D sculpted Halflings have been designed to help expand upon their already extensive range of Fantasy folk. All of them are looking particularly awesome and it's nice to see Westfalia exploring more options beyond the traditional hand sculpting method (which isn't going anywhere I should reassure you).

Halfling 3D Render #2 - Westfalia

The collection is going to be aimed at those with 3D printers at home, allowing you to download the STL files and then give them a go in a DIY fashion.

Halfling 3D Render #3 - Westfalia

Westfalia also postulated that they might look at options to get pre-printed miniatures or cast miniatures as well. As it stands they are still taking the time to work out how they'll approach the release of these little fellows but it seems like Halfling fans are going to be happy in the near future.

Halfling 3D Render #4 - Westfalia

I like that companies are pursuing all manner of different options with the growth in technology and resources in the industry. I think all the various sculpting methods have their benefits and drawbacks and the advent of more home printers is a really fascinating move in the industry which we've been watching closely.

Also, this seems like it would be a great little band of Halfling brigands in your skirmish games so you certainly need to pick them up. I love the idea of running a band of much more dastardly Halflings!

What do you make of these new previews?

"I love the idea of running a band of much more dastardly Halflings!"

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