Apaches or Comancheros Join the Battles of Wild West Chronicles

May 21, 2014 by dracs

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Warlord Games have just released the rules for two new factions in the game of wild west gunfights Wild West Chronicles. Will you take the side of the native Apaches, or the Hispanic Comancheros?

Apaches Rules

The Apaches may not have the fire power of other groups of gunfighters, but they make up for it with their skills in camouflage, letting them get in close to where they can use their tomahawks effectively.


The Comancheros were Hispanic traders, so called because they had close ties with the Comanche. This gives them access to fighting styles that might otherwise not be available to none native factions, as well as an attendant medicine man.

These two new factions should help you to recreate some of the smaller skirmish scale conflicts of the Apache War and are currently available as free downloads from Warlord Games.

Who will it be, Apache or Comanchero?

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