Take A Peek At The Wizened Old Crone Of Dunkeldorf

January 28, 2019 by brennon

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Dunkeldorf Miniatures has shown off one of the fun characters that will be added in as a free stretch goal when their range comes to Kickstarter. Meet the Old Crone.

Crone Artwork Dunkeldorf Miniatures

This old lady lives in the woods outside of Dunkeldorf, perhaps offering various potions and poultices to those who pay her well. I imagine that if you cross her, however, this Hedge Witch will make your life a living hell.

The team have also got their sculptor working away on an amazing miniature for this particular lady. Check her out!

Crone WiP - Dunkeldorf Miniatures

I love that they've managed to match the miniature to the artwork very nicely. The potions on her belt, in particular, are going to be fun to paint!

Crone WiP (Alt) - Dunkeldorf Miniatures

Another characterful piece for a wonderfully diverse range which is going to be awesome for those who like their Oldhammer and Warhammer Fantasy in general.

What do you think?

"Another characterful piece for a wonderfully diverse range..."

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