WizKids Preview The Stats Of Their D&D Shadow Black Dragon

January 14, 2015 by brennon

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WizKids have previewed some more from Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing in the form of the Shadow Black Dragon named Umberlis. See what you think of him below...

Shadow Black Dragon Cards #1

Shadow Black Dragon Cards #2

You can click on these to take a closer look but all of the details are there including the power cards and the stats for the Dragon. What I like about D&D Attack Wing is that you really can just go all out on the Dragon front. I'm fairly sure it wont just be me who ignores all the foot troops in favour of the winged beasts.

Shadow Black Dragon (Box)

Shadow Black Dragon (Set)

As a model this one is shaping up pretty nicely and while we haven't got a closer look at it I'm liking what they've done with the wing position and the body as a whole. Some people have of course complained about the look of these miniatures as they are in true 'WizKids' style but it doesn't take much to touch them up with a bit of paint.

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"As a model this one is shaping up pretty nicely"

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