The Wulfkin Stalk Into The World Of Norsgard!

October 13, 2014 by brennon

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Some more artwork and render designs have appeared for the world of Norsgard and this time it's the deadly looking Wulfkin stalking around the battlefield...

Wulfkin Armsmaster (Art)

Wulfkin Armsmaster (Render)

So this is the lowdown on them...

"Wulfkin Armsmasters devote their entire lives to perfecting one-on-one combat, in which many say they are undefeated. To think it their only quality would be a grave mistake, however. Following the daily dose of weapon practice, they can be found pouring over books telling of wars that raged over Isbran in the days of yore. A true Armsmaster slits a throat and conceives a war campaign with equal ease."

...not a bad looking beast and I like the pose a lot. It looks like the Wulfkin is stalking towards combat and has that lithe but deadly appearance to it. Not the typical big, bulky werewolf style that we're used to seeing which is nice.

Have you been keeping an eye on Norsgard?

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