Xenos Rampant & Pulp! Wargames Coming Soon From Osprey

July 4, 2022 by brennon

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Osprey Games has been previewing some more of their upcoming 28mm wargames that are planned for October and November of 2022. Sci-Fi and Pulp goodness awaits starting off with, well, Pulp!

Pulp - Osprey Games

Pulp! // Osprey Games

Pulp! comes from Marco Arnaudo and features illustrations by Dimitris Martinos.

"Enter a world of perilous adventure and explore steaming jungles, desert canyons, and arctic wastes! Brave the perils of nature and discover lost ruins, ancient treasures, and the secrets of forgotten civilizations! Race against rival adventurers and face off against diabolical villains! Take to the city streets and fight back against gangsters, spies, and sinister cults!"

Much like with games like Pulp Alley, Pulp! seems to be offering up a neat alternative for you to dive into and have fun with. This scenario-driven skirmish wargame is designed for solo and cooperative play with the addition of a versus mode. It covers all the bases. The idea is that you'll get to experience a catchall take on the Pulp! genre and embrace wild adventures with treasure hunters, adventurers, explorers and scheming villains.

Having more Pulp options sounds great and it would be neat to see another option for those who have big collections of miniatures from Pulp Figures and Crooked Dice.

Sci-Fi Wargaming With Xenos Rampant

Stepping away from the Pulp adventures of Marco Arnaudo, we also have Daniel Mersey & Richard Cowen's Xenos Rampant. A Sci-Fi twist on the Rampant rules that we've seen garner quite the audience.

Xenos Rampant - Osprey Games

Xenos Rampant // Osprey Games

Here's more information on Xenos Rampant which lands in November...

"Xenos Rampant contains all the rules, army lists, and scenarios required to fight science fiction battles as well as a whole host of subgenres including: raygun gothic, post-apocalyptic, weird war, and near future."

Illustrated by Michael Doscher, Xenos Rampant has been designed to be setting agnostic and offers up a chance to play large skirmish games using your 28mm miniatures. The core mechanics will be similar to those who have played Rampant before but with the bonus of all-new rules for Sci-Fi weapons and aliens! The hope is that you'll pick up whatever miniatures you can and dive in to have some fun.

We'll no doubt learn a lot more about these games as we close in on the October and November release dates.

Are you onboard with both of these?

"The hope is that you'll pick up whatever miniatures you can and dive in to have some fun..."

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