An End Of Year Update From Demigod Games!

December 31, 2014 by brennon

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Conquest of the Gods continues to develop under Demigod Games into 2015 and their recent update post shows off a whole bunch of cool art work, work in progress miniatures and a taste of the finished ones too!

Greek Art

Japanese Art

Norse Art

Above is some of the finished art for the Greeks, Japanese and Norse showing off some of their units for the game. This will all be present within the rulebook which is still going through a level of testing but will finally be available in both physical and digital form. There's even expansion content in the works!

Big Beasts

Scion Wolf

The factions are also going to be getting some rather impressive miniatures in cavalry form which you can see above rendered against a poor Egyptian Archer. My favourite has to be the Scion Wolves below ready to pounce on some unsuspecting passerby.



Last but not least we have the Daimyo and Shogun in their finished form alongside a test model for the Norse Jarl (who is also looking pretty awesome). I think the metals have turned out really well for these character models and it will be great to see them painted up as well. Hopefully we'll see all the warbands in full colour and on the tabletop soon for preview!

What do you think?

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