Z-Man Head Back In Time For Stone Age’s Tenth Anniversary

August 27, 2018 by dracs

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Z-Man are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the classic worker placement game Stone Age with a limited edition Stone Age Anniversary set.

In Stone Age, players take on the role of hunter-gatherers back in the dawn of human history. Starting with rudimentary tools (Nokia 3310s, ZX 81's, etc.), you must compete for resources in order to develop and feed your growing tribe.

This new anniversary edition brings with it a double-sided board, upgraded components, and new gameplay options for when your tribe has to face the vicious cold of winter.

Stone Age is one of those games I have often heard people talked about fondly. It's a compelling set-up, and one that lends itself well to gameplay.

Do you enjoy Stone Age? What do you hope to see in this Anniversary edition?

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