Zealot Miniatures Unleash Their Deadly Possessed Minotaur

January 24, 2020 by brennon

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Zealot Miniatures have been showing off another fantastic new model that they have added into the mix for those building armies of the monstrous. Here we have the Possessed Minotaur who has fallen to the whims of chaos.

Possessed Minotaur #1 - Zealot Miniatures

This is another of their very impressive looking miniatures, a monstrous addition to Fantasy forces across the myriad of different games which are out there right now in the tabletop world. I really like the mutated arms which have been wracked with a strange power, warping him into this twisted creation.

Possessed Minotaur #2 - Zealot Miniatures

I also like that his other extra arm, which is one of three, has a weapon effectively fused to it. It has become a living weapon, able to benefit from the full strength of this mutated creature.

If you're looking to build up a deadly force on the tabletop which has some monstrous support then this would be a good shout I reckon.

Will you be adding this model into the mix?

"Will you be adding this model into the mix?"

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