Zenit Miniatures Hopes to Raise the Juggers for Nemesis

June 18, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Zenit miniatures is bringing to Kickstarter the next factions and what they are calling Juggers (Juggernauts I presume). These figures are supposed to add greater dimension to the game.


The game is Nemesis and it is a skirmish level fantasy game. This is the same company that created Kensei a feudal Japan skirmish game. Β The miniatures do look interesting and have a little cartoonish look to them, which I think would work fine in the setting they are intended to be in.


One important note is that they have already surpassed their goal and still have 29 days to go as of the date of this writing. It can be interesting to see how far they can take it. They also list on their Kickstarter page each of the factions and it would appear you get a nice selection of minis in the set.

Kingdom of God

If this might be something you could be interested in they have made their rulebook free to download, so you can always give it a read through and see if this is a game for you and to become a backer to their Kickstarter project.


What do you think? Are these Juggers something that you would consider to bring extra dimension to your game?

Gianna Lomax

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