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Ouroboros Miniatures Preview New AI Busts For Kickstarter


You might remember that Ouroboros Miniatures were on Kickstarter not long ago funding their CP_New Skin project which sought to create a wonderful Cyberpunk bust. Well, they are now back with three new projects.

New Cyberpunk Inspired Bust Coming Soon From Ouroboros


Inspired by the Cyberpunk genre we have this awesome new bust coming soon from the folks at Ouroboros Miniatures.

Ouroboros Is Bringing The Freak Circus To Kickstarter


Ladies and Gentlemen! Ouroboros Miniatures would like to direct your attention to a strange sight- The Freak Circus is heading to Kickstarter this November.

Barbarian Royalty Now Available From Ouroboros Miniatures


Ouroboros Miniatures has now made their Bloodpeak Barbarians available for you to buy.

Ouroboros Released The Bloodspeak Barbarians On Kickstarter


Ouroboros Miniatures continues to impress with their highly detailed, 54mm miniatures. They are back on Kickstarter right now with the Bloodspeak Barbarians who are full of character and look fantastic!

Ouroboros Miniatures Returns With More Fantastic 54mm Fey


Ouroboros Miniatures is back on Kickstarter with another mini kick for more fantastic large scale minis for painters. Fey features three new, 54mm sculpts, perfect for painters and collectors.

The Orcs Of Ouroboros Tales Enter Their Final Few Days On Kickstarter


There’s just a few days left to get in on the Ouroboros Tales Kickstarter from Ouroboros Miniatures. The Shaman and the Brave are the perfect addition to any fantasy collection.

Fantastic Big Orcs Take To Kickstarter In Ouroboros Tales


Ouroboros Miniatures have taken to Kickstarter with some fantastically huge Orcs! Their Ouroboros Tales Kickstarter features two different 54mm scale Orcs – perfect for any fan of fantasy.

Ouroboros Has Hypo Of Fey Ready For Pre-release Ahead Of Kickstarter


Sure you cold bring a typical wizard into your fantasy collection, but that why not go with the unexpected. Ouroboros Miniatures has their Frog Wizard, Hypno, in stock and up for pre-released for their Fey range, which will be heading to Kickstarter in the next month or so.