The Twins Stomp Onto Kickstarter From Ouroboros Miniatures

May 14, 2020 by brennon

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Ouroboros Miniatures has taken to Kickstarter with a small campaign to fund some big miniatures. The Twins are a rather funky little set which would be great for painters and hobbyists and provide you with something weird!

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The sculpting for this particular project was done by Alexei Konev and shows off a creature and child who wouldn't look out of place within the realm of Malifaux perhaps. This miniature is a little bigger than most so it's not going to fit into many games but it would be a pretty fun challenge for a painter as mentioned above.

Here you can see an early print of the miniature to show off what it will look like when it drops onto your painting table. It truly is a massive miniature with lots of intricate parts.

The Twins Miniatures #1 - Ouroboros Miniatures

The miniature will be available in high-quality resin. Plus, if the campaign is able to garner enough support you'll also be able to get your hands on a painting tutorial by Trent Denison who shows you the rope when it comes to painting this monster.

The Twins Miniatures #2 - Ouroboros Miniatures

This is a very nice miniature and something different again from Ouroboros Miniatures. They tend to create some interesting and diverse projects which cover a lot of options for painters and hobbyists rather than just gamers. It is worth delving into the rest of their collection to see if more of their collaborations take your fancy.

What do you make of The Twins?

"They tend to create some interesting and diverse projects..."

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