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Appartmant Street 'Terrain Challenge'

Appartmant Street 'Terrain Challenge'

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OK Guys and Gals i need your opinions.....!

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I have two decisions to make on my projects and i hope to get some opinions on what i should do.


first one is the fire escapes. on all the reference images i have there set to the front of the buildings that look really good and give caricature, in addition give a good surface for game play for minis to sit on. BUT my mine is that don’t in the use in this style of buildings wouldn’t the fire escapes be to the back of the buildings in like the back alleys… let me know what you think would be best


Secondly is the road sections work in 3 different ways, i can print the side walk with curbs to the roads but i can have grided roads, move roads or no road at all just side walk and curbs. like the idea of having roads because i can have details like the manhole covers and drains. don’t see why i should have a grided road as i won’t be using any games that need a grid system but there will be a grid anyway as each road section will be a tile that will be connected and its impossible to eradicate the connections completely. I can alyways use a mat with roads that can give me the ability to move buildings about if needed and not to fixed. need some other opinions to help me decide whats the best thing to do

I will attache images below to show some of the references of what they could look like.

Thanks again guys

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Hey dude! Maybe separate the buildings by a few inches and have the fire escapes on the side?

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