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Appartmant Street 'Terrain Challenge'

Appartmant Street 'Terrain Challenge'

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I have a cunning plan!! (the plan)

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The Plan.

whilst Barry (my 3D printer) is hard at work printing the parts for the buildings i need to decide what other things i need to consider and do to the rest of my project such as painting, adding accessories and detailing .

firstly, painting up the buildings. as it is a 3D printed project the serfases of each part are not 100% move and can look off with paint going start on to it, I’m going to take a look at a plastic primer from Halfords that i have seen used but the guys at beasts of war before that has like a self levelling property that i hope will help reduce the visual rigging that can occur with 3D Prints. i will attempt using just a basic primer and also a plastic primer then bace primer to see if there is a significant change or not. i will post this when i get to this stage.

Next details and accsesaries. firstly i plan to add street rubbish, lamp posts and fire hydrants as well as vehicle parked up. i will also be looking up and researching graffiti (one saying the end is nigh would be fitting), posters to be pasted on walls and maybe even some protest signs discarded on the floor to keep with the apocalyptic theme.

i want to also decorate the insides of the buildings if i have the time to give the full feel to the terrain.

The merger thing going on at the moment is that i think I’m about a quarter of the way through the build and am hoping everything keeps on track so i can get this project built.

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