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Stuffed Fables

Stuffed Fables

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Knuckle The Banana Eater

Tutoring 4
Skill 8
Idea 5
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Knuckle Idea

He is green gorilla. He is stong, but in the other side I want to put little humor to him. There is many interesting points to paint and has a lot of space to free hands. I decided to do NMM and Freehand Tattoo at his shoulder and may be back. But I need more time to do some reserch.

Knuckle FrontKnuckle Front
Knuckle BackKnuckle Back
Knuckle ColorsKnuckle Colors

Body Dark Green – The main color is Vallejo Sick Green for base and Hilight mix of Scale75 Toxic Waste Green. About the Shadow, I glazed with Scale75 Mayhem Red and Black

Body Light Green – I used the Toxic Waste Green and Mixed of Hykey Yellow on the Light part and shadow with glaze with Scale 75 Mayhem Red and Black

Banana – I used the Murduk Yellow with mix of black, green and white for creating depth.

Knife – I used NMM Technique with black, grey and white and used the blue to glaze to reflect the blue sky and green to reflect on the other side of knife.  The handle I used the Scale75 Peanut butter.

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