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Warhammer Fantasy Revisited

Warhammer Fantasy Revisited

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...And then suddenly the dam burst...

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Had one of those nice occurrences on the weekend where everything just lined up and hobbying just fell into place without any roadblocks. Moved my half dozen character models to one side and focused on the (152) standard infantry models. Managed to get necessary base colours down on all models and have just finished applying varnish to the second batch (I did 2/3 yesterday and the last 50 this evening).

The recipe so far (mainly so I have a record for later so please do bear with me…):

  • Primed in AP Matt White;
  • Vallejo Model Colour Prussian Blue added to various uniform sections depending on the troop type;
  • Vallejo Model Colour Basic Skin Tone on all flesh areas;
  • Vallejo Game Colour Desert Yellow on the weapon hafts for spears and halberds;
  • Vallejo Model Colour Natural Steel on all armour, belt buckles barrels and spiky bits;
  • Vallejo Model Colour German camo Black Brown on the rifle and crossbow stocks;
  • Vallejo Model Colour orange brown for belts, armour straps and assorted leather areas;
  • Vallejo Model Colour black for shoes, boots and caps;
  • AP Skeleton Bone for some of the leather and cloth armour where metal armour was not worn just to differentiate things a little and break up the white;
  • Vallejo Model Colour Japanese Uniform WW2 for the blonde hair (I usually use Desert Yellow but needed something slightly different as I had used the Desert Yellow on the weapon hafts previously…);
  • Vallejo Model Colour Panzer Series Flat Earth for the brown hair;
  • All brushed down with AP Strong Tone varnish tinned with a little mineral Turpentine, with a good amount then brushed off the models to prevent too much pooling.

And that’s where we are. Once the varnish settles I will retouch the white on the shield details and rims, and anywhere that there is excessive pooling. Based on the results from a quick look at yesterday’s minis there shouldn’t be too much left to do other than base and matt varnish to get them ready for tabletop.

Then it’s characters and standards and we’re good to go 🙂

Just under 1,000 points of Empire infantry.Just under 1,000 points of Empire infantry.
Close-up of the infantry with the varnish having had time to cure. Close-up of the infantry with the varnish having had time to cure.

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Excellent work again

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