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Bot War Painting Challenge 2020

Bot War Painting Challenge 2020

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Day 17....

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
Idea 7
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Dumptruck day 1!

Start of the session to the endStart of the session to the end

This is it, the final bot of the 5 Builders, and the unit leader (note foot on rock).

I thought I’d do something different to day and show the starting point for this bot as it’s not exactly starting from nothing.

Back on day 1 I zenithal primed all of the figures I was going to paint for this challenge, and on day 3 I gave them a secret weapon Sewer Water wash over that prime to gunk them up. Day 4 was the P3 Wurm then Noctite Green airbrush session. Day 9 I then secret weapon washed the green again to add some shade (which I actually regret doing, you can see a difference between the first 2 models and the latter ones). It was also whilst painting the lens of Dozer on day 9 that I also painted the lens/visors of the other bots.  So yeah, it’s not starting from scratch on this bot but an even starting point that the previous 2 have been started from.


I wasn’t really feeling it today, 17 days on the trot painting after work may have something to do with it, but i was really happy to at least get my base coats down and have all of the main colours plotted out. This bot is slightly larger than the other 4 and his details are nice and crisp so I should hopefully get some nice edge highlights in a few days time. On his back is also the big bucket so the Sewer Water wash has already made a nice weathered/worn effect which I will photograph tomorrow as I work up from it.


  • That’s it for now, hope you’re enjoying the project, 14 more days to go!

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