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Ork Aeronautica

Ork Aeronautica

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Ork Aeronauts the Idea

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The US airforce had an aircraft squadron who’s insignia was the jolly roger or skull and crossbones.  This started with a squardon back in World War 2.  In the 1980 and 1990, the insigina was used by the  VF-84 squadron.  They flew the F-14 Tomcat.

Over the years the squadron paint scheme has changed colours.  Sometime in the mid- 1980s, they switch to a low profile paint scheme; that is the aircraft where painted a uniform light grey and no other visible colours.  Apparently that was not popular with the air crews and so they switch back to the more iconic look.

The classic paint scheme is a grey aircraft,  control surfaces painted a lighter grey,  black rudder with a yellow stripe, black around the cockpit.  The late 1980’s saw the nose cone get a light yellow coating, and a red strip along the wing.

I had painted a 28mm Dakajet with similar colours, but that was before I did some research.  Working from memory is not advised.  The plan was to do a paint some Aeronautica Imperialis Dakajets using a similar paint scheme not to different to the 28mm model and the VF-84 squardon.

Points of interest that may be copied from the VF-84 squadron: the black rudders with yellow stripe, some white insignia on the rudder,  black around the cockpit, white control surfaces on the wings, yellow nose, and some where a bit of red.

Below are some reference pictures and a reference to the Vallejo paints.

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