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Another Star Destroyer?!?

Another Star Destroyer?!?

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"It's a Star Destroyer!" "No, this is something else..."

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I started by building the basic structure of the upper main hull. I used the front 42 centimeters of another 1/2700-scale Zvesda Star Destroyer I had lying around, and cut it in half along the middle axis. I then cut and filed away approximately 0.4-0.5 cm from the middle edges of both new halves to make space for the characteristic trench, which I then built from plastic card and conneted both halves to it. I also started to build the large flat superstructure to both sides of the middle trench and started adding detail to the build:

Next, I built the basic shape of the bridge section and the neck connecting it to the rear of the upper hull and dry-fitted it to see if everything aligns neatly.

With that done, I proceeded detailing and finishing the bridge section. I used some details from the Star Destroyer kit like the shield projector domes, the communications/sensor array as well as the front and back elements of the neck to create some visual paralles between both models and represent the modular building style of the Galactic Empire. As you can see on later photos of the build-progress, the shield projector domes will both move a bit more inwards later.

The flat domes of the gravity well-generators proved to be challenge. I couldn’t build them and make them all look nice and even, so I had to find something with the right shape and size. After some searching, I purchased a few white door stoppers in 4 cm and 6 cm diameter. Fortunately, the material was way more rigid than I thought, so I didn’t need to support them from the inside.

With these glued in place, the upper half of the ship is starting to take shape. I proceeded to build and add details – loads of details, especially to the middle trench, and the build of the upper half is now almost finished:

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I think I need a minute for myself *drools*


Interdicted cruisers are great ships, I loved missions they were in on the old X-Wing and Tie Fighter games, having to take them out so the fleet could escape, or protect them. Good luck with the build!

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