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Space 2021 - A Star Saga

Space 2021 - A Star Saga

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3.10 - Ota Sora

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A true warrior is always prepared for death. Their own or someone else’s. 

Whilst I may not be the biggest fan of the Nameless, I can certainly say that the two heroes that come with Terror in the Deep are probably my favorite two characters from the whole Star Saga game. This one is Ota Sora, a Matsudan, a species tricked into virtual servitude by the Greedy Corporations of the GCPS. Ota Sora seeks to regain his family’s lost honour by proving himself a capable warrior and leader.

I love the design of the Matsudan and I was very pleased see them released as a faction in Deadzone. Whilst a little cartoony, which is typical of the Mantic style especially in Star Saga, the armour has some very strong Samurai overtones; the large bulky shoulder pads reminiscent of Japanese armour and the two bits that stick up at the top look a little like Sashimono. And of course the helmet with the Oni mask design.

This took me around 10 enjoyable hoursto paint and I am sad to say that the camera doesn’t do it justice. The brightest highlights on the red seem to have been mostly lost.

Ota Sora artworkOta Sora artwork
Ota Sora painted by Paul Ota Sora painted by Paul

Art Credits Rob Jenkins and Roberto Cirillo

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