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That was an awfully big Marine

That was an awfully big Marine

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Getting on with the base

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With all minis I prefer to do the base first. I’ll inevitably make a mess and I’d rather make a mess of the primer, not the finished paintjob.

I said in the intro that I hated the base. This was largely based (sorry) on the lack of “plinth” and the 28mm details – a little underscale for a 54mm mini.

But look!But look!

Popping him on a 60mm GW-style base changed this entirely. I decided to keep the resin base. some of this was the mini (a hefty lad) seemed very well attached and it gives me a nice big contact area.

This still leaves me with some teeny-tiny details, but those can be removed and covered with … something bigger, hopefully something better.

The tiny details meet their end (aka my Dremel)The tiny details meet their end (aka my Dremel)

I then glued him to the plastic base and added a few pins (not taking chances with such a heavy mini).

And a quick coat of primerAnd a quick coat of primer

I finished this stage by priming what remains of the resin base. This will be covered in the next stage but it’s there in case anything still shows through.

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