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Space 2021 - A Star Saga

Space 2021 - A Star Saga

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4.2 - Ector Zanchez

Tutoring 2
Skill 4
Idea 2
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You run a flip six, three hole and you score…

Conceptually this is one of my favourite characters. Ector Zanchez is a former Dreadball Xtreme player who, following a serious injury was saved by Blaine (the mysterious “fixer” behind all the missions in Star Saga) and now has to work for him as a merc to pay off the debt. Given that he has a robotic arm and his face is scarred on the same side as the arm, it would seem as the injury, and subsequent repairs were extensive.  As a merc, as well as carrying a fairly heavy duty gun, he is also a grenadier.

However, background aside, the miniature; I am not overly keen on the pose but the details were at least good.  Or at least that was until my primer decided to burp and laid down an awful, grainy textured undercoat.  Suffice it to say I was absolutely fuming.  During lockdown over the last year, primers have been in and out of stock and at the moment citadel primers are hard to come by.  So I was using an army painter primer and this is far from the first issue I have had with Army Painter primers nor is it the only issue I have experienced with them.  My honest opinion is that they are a vastly inferior product to the Citadel primers.  I don’t really have the time or inclination to strip the model down so I just had to go with it, how it had clogged some of the details and left flat surfaces with a very grainy, bobbly texture.  I took the photo on a lower resolution to try and disguise that

Ector Zanchez ArtworkEctor Zanchez Artwork
Ector Zanchez painted by PaulEctor Zanchez painted by Paul

Art Credits Rob Jenkins and Roberto Cirillo

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