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Space 2021 - A Star Saga

Space 2021 - A Star Saga

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4.1 - Nastanza

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In the right place at the right time, a single bullet can change the galaxy

The project has been quiet for a while, for a number of reasons.  A big reason is that we have been unable to obtain the Wraithbone primer we use under the contrast paints for many of the minion models.  Because the minions weren’t progressing I put everything else on hold.  However I did find a solution to that problem by getting a bit more creative with what primers we had.  Specifically looking to prime in greyseer for miniatures that have less skin on show and then picking out certain areas, like flesh, in Wraithbone from a pot.

So having solved that I pressed on with the heroes and we are now into The Devil’s Betrayal, a campaign that sees the mercs raiding a Rebel stronghold to “confiscate” a sample of the Plague.  Like the other expansions it has two heroes, the first of which is Nastanza, an Asterian sniper.

I love the dark red armour on this and I ventured into Vallejo paints to lay down the base colours using black red.  I highlighted it up using a mixture of Vallejo and GW paints and then at the end gave it a glaze using thinned Nuln Oil to darken it down.

Now, while I really like the concept the model was, well, poor.  The details were incredibly soft and I found myself having to freehand highlights on where there should have been a definite edge.  It was a real challenge to paint.


Nastanza ArtworkNastanza Artwork
Nastanza painted by PaulNastanza painted by Paul

Art Credits Rob Jenkins and Roberto Cirillo

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