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Raiding the Dusty Wastes

Raiding the Dusty Wastes

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Commanding the masses

Tutoring 9
Skill 10
Idea 9
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A proud full frontalA proud full frontal
Round and round for a Lloyd and other shot anglesRound and round for a Lloyd and other shot angles

Here is the glorious leader of my Arabian Knights forces, Hasn Al Qlb al’Akrab, in all of his glory for regular Saga. I was quite pleased with going back over the whole thing with Testor’s Dullcote. The rattlecan version of the formula seemed to just seal the figures and make it all glossy. Making certain that I had the glass bottle variety all shaken before loading the airbrush and doing short bursts of coverage has given this command group real definition as the matte settles the details of the paint. Admittedly it would look all the better once I got my banner on the pole for the flag bearer but for the moment it looks damn spiffy as I work regular work and set back the time to play with Photopea and edit the design. I’m also thinking about how the hell to get it printed as I neither have a printer nor am willing to just randomly get it as a Fiverr gig. I think that the amount of cash that I’d need to shell out would be more than just one flag, therefore requiring more work to design and have things on hand to add to models.

On the command group I’m rather happy with the design work that came out from the masking. It does need more work in order to perfect this technique and might well be better suited for simpler curves on models for flowing fabric. Then again I might revisit the spray duration as either short bursts that are drawn over or lower pressure continuous spray with a quick pass. Other than that the design work for the clothes was the only other technical component that I think I managed with the minimal amount of fouling. I might be wrong there but for freehand I’m not stressing too much since I think there’s enough detail to keep the eyes wandering. The waterslide decal from Little Big Men definitely gave a front view something to arrest attention while a mixture of tufts from Army Painter litters the ground nicely. As Lloyd is fond of adding horses to the total model count for cavalry I think dropping four models on a 60mm base as I have has worked well.

  • As far as progress along what I’ve mentioned I will be done with the regular troops finishing touches as long as work doesn’t run me down too badly in the near future.
  • The banner will be worked on and hopefully printed quickly. I might need to do some digging as to where I can get this done aside from an office supply store. I’m not keen on the idea of what kind of color balance I’d get with that.
  • The ultra interesting and most excellent unit that I needed to possess has arrived. I’ve cleaned the models of flash and mold lines. I’ve added weapons that needed to be put on. I need to repair/modify a few details here and there but all is will with regard to them. I’ve already got paint schemes in mind and I’ll be ready to go quickly.
  • My expanded option for Age of Magic is underway and I’m busy in the background making things happen. I’ve dropped The Russian as my ultra secret task seems to be below the commie mutant bastard (see the game Paranoia). I’ve opted for a secondary source and I’ll be getting more work done that Gerry can’t peer over the electronic fence upon my progress like the neighbor in the series “Home Improvement”. He’ll just have to wait like the rest of you. People should be glad that I don’t resort to the measures of German intelligence and start doing my typing on an  actual typewriter to avoid digital sneakery.

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