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Raiding the Dusty Wastes

Raiding the Dusty Wastes

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Yes, its that big

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Spoiler Alert!

I just got in my model for the alternate version of what I wanted to put Hasn Al Qlb al Akrab upon as a beast mount. It appears to be larger than expected. (snicker… smirk)


I’ve read the rules for Saga basing with the understanding that there needs to be a base attached to the model and it can’t be greater than the dimensions for the type of unit being fielded. Well, I’ve gone to the source at Studio Tomahawk and asked if there could be some clarification if limbs of beasts in Age of Magic, that happened to extend beyond the base limitation for unit type, were permissible if attached to a smaller base.

So I now wait for the ruling and hope that the odds are in my favor and I watch my opponents soil themselves when my leader comes to the table on his tiny 60mm base. Then again the 90x120mm monster base might still be of use for a Behemoth.


Edit: After reaching out to Studio Tomahawk the official ruling was to leave it in the hands of the players and any event organizers to decide legality I’ve also done some reading again for the max size of a warlord on a beast and will be changing the basing to a 80x50mm rectangle with rounded corners on a radius in order to be more realistic about base sizing. I made a call directly to Litko Game Accessories to arrange procuring them and await a response after leaving a message.

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