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Raiding the Dusty Wastes

Raiding the Dusty Wastes

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I got my other 3D printed model in. Woot!!!

I initially thought that there needed to be a genie in my Arabian Knights force. I didn’t think that the Disney adaptation of Aladdin’s story did the tale justice despite  Robin Williams doing his wonderfully manic comedy. I thought the portrayal of the djinn as played by John Leguizamo in ‘”Arabian Nights” was more appropriate in attitude.

I took my visual inspiration from the anime/manga series “Magi” and tossed an image of a cosplayer onto the entry of making my opponent cry. Thinking about the family environment that is a gaming store I drew that back and used my knowledge of the 3D work being done around the Internet to think of what company might give me what I needed. I went back to the company Artisan Guild that I knew had done the Scorpid rider as well as mess load of carpet riding thieves and a genie under the Spellblades project. Lo and behold I wasn’t let down as they had more sculpts to print which would fulfill my option for the battlefield.

I’ve had it printed at 135mm from top to what was the bottom so as to float over a base befitting an eye-catching monstrous presence. The bottom of the sash was initially what the sculpt was supposed to stand on for the print but I thought “This will not do”. I went to work removing the end of the ‘sarong'(?) with my trusty rotary tool and sculpted back the edge with a mixture of 50/50 kneadatite/Apoxiesculpt to finish off the part. Going from a 60 to 220 grit sandpaper it worked pretty well but I ended up going back over the missed cracks with superglue that I wiped to near flat and sprayed with accelerant before sanding to match.

I went back to prop the genie atop a clear 3/8″ acrylic rod so it appeared to be flying without support. It may not truly be suspended in the air but a game played with plenty of tiny fighting pastic people to converge and do combat dictated by the roll of dice is a space where the  suspension of disbelief is very much a norm.

The base proper is a 90x120mm MDF oval I laid a bit of 3mm thick cork on top of. I then covered it with the same greenstuff mix as the djinn fabric, textured it with the Greenstuffworld flagstone roller, and liberally dunked it in the same grit basing material for the rest of the army.

I went back and gave the base a spray with a combination of water/wood glue in order to get better adhesion (read: stop losing basing material) after an initial PVA layer for the sand having repurposed a Febreze spray bottle to apply it. I feel good on multiple levels for how industrious I am right now.

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