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Hobby / gaming table by Poentje

Hobby / gaming table by Poentje

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Project Entry by poentje Cult of Games Member

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Hobby / gaming table

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My friend/neighbour had some leftover space in his office, so a couple of months ago he suggested to add a hobbyroom to it. Almost all of our hobby related stuff is moved to the office, like our 3D printer, his airbrush booth and almost all of our minis. Then we decided that we needed a hobby / gaming table. After a brainstorming session with another neighbour of us who has a company in office furniture we came up withe the following design.


Hobby / gaming table

The table is 120 cm x 120 cm with the possibility to extend the surface with 60 cm x 120 cm on both sides.

120 cm x 180 cm120 cm x 180 cm
120 cm x 240 cm120 cm x 240 cm
underside of the tableunderside of the table

The nicest thing about the table is that we can adjust the height electronicaly from 65 cm up to 130 cm so it’s ideal for hobby/painting, board gaming (sitting), miniature gaming (standing) and drinking beer.

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Love the table idea. Could you list the parts/manufacture of the table components please.

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Wow a fab thing if you can get one @poentje

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