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Resolution 2022: Hobby Bingo!

Resolution 2022: Hobby Bingo!

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2022 begins

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2022 begins

For those of you who followed my resolution projects from the last two years, you will know that I have now completed painting all the models in my “backlog”. That has left me free to pursue any models I want going forward.


So this year I’ve decided to set myself a hobby bingo challenge. Anybody who still reads White Dwarf will know that their studio staff did this last year as part of dealing with the pandemic lockdowns. A quick google revealed that the idea has been floating around for a long time in general though. Setting myself targets and almost arbitrary “to do” lists is what I enjoy so I think this will be fun.


Above is my own personal hobby bingo. I took the 2022 one from December’s White Dwarf but made some tweaks so that it suited my needs better.


First, its now system (and manufacturer) agnostic. Second, I expanded terrain to included dioramas as well. I did my first diorama a few weeks ago and quite liked it. Third, unit sizes assume 28-35mm, but I’m not limited to scale. So for example a 75mm character just occupies the slot of a large model.


When you think about it I will have to complete a model or unit every two weeks to get all 25 done in a year. Some will be easier than others but I will have to keep on-track to stand a chance of completing by the end of the year.

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Cult of Games Member

I used to be so manufacturer specific when GW put rules in to tournaments and competitions stating that only GW miniatures could be used (no proxies). Last year I threw off that shackle and have enjoyed my painting, especially of fantasy miniatures. If I do enter Armies on Parade this year (if it goes back to in-store rather than remain online only) then I will conform to GW only to avoid expulsion… I like your idea of adapting the ‘Bingo’ card and wish you luck in completing over the year. I’m going to continue with my ‘lucky dip’ random selection from my pile of shame to form narrative groups of minis to keep me motivated and to not commit myself to more than I can handle. I’ve then also got three potential GW Armies on Parade (Bretonnians; Astra Militarum; Imperial Navy) on the slow burner in the background when I fancy a bit of a change… I look forward to seeing how your project progresses…🤔👍🖖

Cult of Games Member

using your card, I’m playing along. so far I have 7 boxes. but no lines yet

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