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Spring Clean-Risk Thrift Store Challenge

Spring Clean-Risk Thrift Store Challenge

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Red Army

Tutoring 10
Skill 9
Idea 11
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Having set up the first army, I started to paint this group as the red army.  I planned on painting them all red as my base coats.  I then painted white for the pants, oak brown for the rifle and the tip of the bayonet with silver.   The packs were painted a leather brown.   The last bits were flesh tone hands and face with blue to set off the shoulder pads and shirt cuffs.

The calvary was given some saddle flares in white and blue to offset the colors.   While the cannons were painted with a brass and wood colors.

Red Army

The base was jumbo popsicle sticks cut into 1 inch lengths and supergluing the figures to the base.


I put a infantry with a calvary to represent the army commander.   A single calvary would be a brigade commander.


2 figures = Skirmishers

4 figures = Regular Infantry


1 cannon = Light Artillery

2 cannon = Regular Artillery

1 cannon and 1 infantry = Calvary Artillery


2 figures = Light Calvary

3 figures = Regular Calvary

The bases were painted green and flocked to finish the effect.The bases were painted green and flocked to finish the effect.

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